AGILE is a professional network of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and is for therapists working with older people you can access their website 

Aileen Fraser, Clinical Director Bristol Community Health, has written about her work around the development of a comprehensive geriatric assessment module specifically for Nurses & AHP's who would be working at a advanced practice level, to find out further information click on the following link:

Development of a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Module for Nurses and AHPs working at Advanced Practice Level1, Aileen Fraser.pdf

The British Association of Occupational Therapists & College of Occupational Therapists have a specialist section of occupational therapy staff that are passionate about older peoples independence and well being, to see more follow this link:

SAM AHP Competencies Version 4.0 - July 2017, the access the competencies click on the following link:

SAM AHP-Competencies-V4.0.pdf