Martin Vernon, National Clinical Director Older People, NHS England & NHS Improvement - Ageing Well, Integrating Care for Older People
Tommy Whitelaw, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland - You Can Make A Difference
Dr Lucy Abbott, Clinical Lead for frailty and older people - The Frimley Frailty model - taking a system approach
Dr James Adams, Director of Integrated Care for Older People, Royal Surrey County Hospital - Developing Frailty Services in Guildford and Waverley
Andy Clegg, Professor of Geriatric Medicine, University of Leeds & Bradford Royal Infirmary - Development and national implementation of the eFI
Christine Falzon, Senior Clinical Consultant & Richard Betteridge, Data Scientist - Population Health solutions for Frailty
Bianca Buurman, Professor of Acute Geriatric Care, Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam - The impact of acute events on adverse outcomes and how we can effectively intervene
Dr Matt Thomas, Consultant Geriatrician, Clinical Transformation Lead and Deputy Medical Director, Poole and Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals - Maximising Same Day Emergency Care for Frailty Older People


Breakout (A) am - Same Day Emergency Care - please click on the link below
John Walter, Team Lead Physiotherapist & Dr Aggarwal, Consultant Geriatrician, Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS FT - Same Day Emergency Care
Louise Whiting, Frailty Lead for Urgent Care Services within BCH - Progress in Frailty
Dr Matt Thomas, Consultant Geriatrician, Poole and Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals - Maximising Same Day Emergency Care for Frail Older People
Jo May, Clinical Matron, Katie Cunningham, OT and Dr Arfeen, Consultant Geriatrician - Improving 72hr discharge from an Acute Frailty Unit at Hampshire Hospital NHS FT
Breakout (B) am - Pre-Hospital care - please click on the link below
Duncan Robertson, Consultant Paramedic, Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust - Frailty in UK Ambulance Services: Providing the context
Janice Arnold & Victoria Haughton, Specialist Occupational Therapists, Medicine & Surgery Team, Stockport NHS FT - The Impact of a Frailty Functional Assessment in an Emergency Department
Paul Aitken-Fell, North East Ambulance Service NHS FT - Frailty Emergency Silver Trauma - The NEAS approach
Breakout (C) am - System thinking - please click on the link below
Alice Clayton, Acute Frailty Network - A Practical Approach for Calculating Return on Investment
Cheryl Davies, Healthy Ageing Programme Manager, Wessex Academic Health Science Network - Wessex Acute Frailty Audit - Is Wessex Frailty Fit?
David Hunt, Acute Frailty Consultant & Clinical Lead for Frailty, Coastal West Sussex CCG - Coastal West Sussex System Response to Frailty 2010-2019
Dr Priya Fernando, Consultant Geriatrician, Torfaen Frailty Team, Gwent Frailty Programme - Improving outcomes & patient experience while promoting independent living for older people: Torfaen CRT story
Breakout (A) pm - ED and Frailty - please click on the link below
Dr Jay Banerjee, Associate Professor in Emergency Care at Leicester University - Frailty in the ED
Akhtar Khodabacksh, Frailty Clinical Nurse Specialist - The Hillingdon Hospital Frailty Team
Seema Haridas, Advanced Physiotherapist & Teresa Creighton, Assistant Director, The Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHF FT - Focus on Frailty in Newcastle
Breakout (B) pm - Geriatric competencies in the wider workforce - please click on the link below
Simon Conroy, Clinical Lead, AFN - Geriatric competencies in the wider workforce
Dr Debbie Bertfield & Dr Shama Mani, Consultant Geriatricians, Barnet Hospital - The Frailty Journey: a multidisciplinary education event
Julie Vale & Karen Bird, Taunton & Somerset NHS FT - Geriatric Competencies in the Wider Workforce
Breakout (C) pm - Improving patient experience - please click on the link below
James van Oppen, Geriatric Emergency Medicine, Leicester - Reporting patient experience
Sakib Rahman, Clinical Fellow in Elderly Medicine, Western Sussex Hospital Trust - Experience Based Design
Dr Luke Bracegirdle & Dr Zeeshan Arfeen, Hampshire Hospitals NHS FT - Experience Based evaluation of Geriatric Presence in the Emergency Department