We’re excited to make available a new on-line learning resource for AFN members – Mrs B’s Frailty Journey. Mrs B’s journey is a virtual study day hosted on the Moodle platform, exploring the frailty journey from early recognition to end of life.
The study day consists of a series of lectures aimed at primary and secondary care practitioners looking at frailty from early recognition to end of life. To provide clinical relevance, we follow a fictitious patient – ‘Mrs B’ - on her journey through advancing stages of frailty. The individual topics are introduced by Dr Debbie Bertfield and Dr Shama Mani who are joined by the AFN’s clinical lead, Professor Simon Conroy, to discuss the key learning points and consider best practice in a national context.
At the end of the nine topics is an opportunity to check your learning with a series of multiple choice questions. There are also a number of general resources and links provided that will support your journey as you progress through the topics. Please be aware that this is designed as a ‘Virtual Study Day’ rather than a quick single topic course. It is aimed at colleagues who would like to be able to view the study day’s content in their own time and location, and contains approximately 3.5hours of video footage, as well as the general resources and multiple choice questions.
To access Mrs B’s Frailty Journey, please complete the form below. Once approved you will be emailed a link to the Moodle platform and upon logging in will be asked to change your password. Once this is done, you’re good to go.
You can log in to the course HERE using either your email address or username (firstname_lastname).


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