James Reid and Jyothi Nippani.pdfDr Martin Wilson, Care of the Elderly Consultant, Raigmore, NHS England -
Pragmatic Prescribing - Lessons from Scottish Polypharmcy Programme

Professor Simon Conroy, Clinical Lead, Acute Frailty Network -
What's new in front door frailty?

Dr Deb Lowe, Consultant Geriatrician & Stroke Physician -
Wirral Focus on frailty

Dr Alison Bartens, Co-Lead Acute Frailty -
The Portsmouth Acute Frailty journey

Suzanne Mason, Professor of Emergency Medicine, The University of Sheffield -
We need to talk about Frailty at the Front Door

Professor Brian Dolan and Ann-Marie Riley, Health Service 360

Dr J Banerjee -
Improving Frailty Care at the Front Door

Professor Martin Vernon, NCD Older People -
Ageing well, Frailty on a National Scale - NHS England update

Elizabeth Sargeant, Clinical Lead Health and Social Care, ECIP

- Effective Front Door Intervention for Older People

Breakout (A) am - Measurement - Please click on the link below
Dr Claire Spice and Claire Tea, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth - Understanding and improving the experiences of acute urgent care for older people with frailty

Genevieve Robson and Scott Buxton, Royal United Hospital Bath NHS FT - An Innovative Multi-Disciplinary Frailty Service in the Emergency Department
Radcliffe Lisk and Clarence Chikusu - Our journey to improving the care for the over 75s at Ashford and St Peter's NHS Trust

Breakout (A) pm - Case studies - Please click on the link below
Darren Aw, Aamer Ali, Consultant Geriatricians and Russell Pitchford, Specialty General Manager - The acute frailty pathway and assessment unit (OPAU) in Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham
Dr Deyo Okubadejo, Consultant Geriatrician, Natalie Munslow, Lead Nurse and Helena Baxter, Head of Transformation, North West Anglia NHS FT - Implementing a Frailty Score
Barbara Fleary, OSM Care of the Older Person and Rehabilitation and Louise Fitzpatrick, Frailty Lead Nurse and Ward Manger FAU - NCUHT Frailty Service

Breakout (B) am - Setting up a Frailty Service - Please click on the link below
Catherine Sendall, St Mary's Hospital, Emergency Department - Developing a Local Curriculum
Dr Kirsten Richards, Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust - Getting FIT in Hull! - The Story of our Frailty Intervention Team
Nigel page and Terry Cordrey, Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust - The Older Persons' Assessment Unit - creating failure from success
Breakout (B) pm - Admissions Avoidance - Please click on the link below
Professor Bimal Bhowmick, Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS FT - Rapid Clinical Assessment Team (RCAT), Mobile Medical Assessment Unit, Halton
Renee Ward, Rebecca Williams and Jane Shoote, The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust - FABulous CAT
Thomas Heywood - Alliance of Northern Ambulance Services.  An approach to older people who fall

Breakout (C) am - Quality Improvement - Please click on the link below
Jyothi Nippani and James Reid, South Warwickshire NHS FT - Increasing Staff Engagement to Facilitate Change
Dr Matthew Sweeting, Dr Katie Ewins, Dr Charlie Mukherjee and SN Chris Olden, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust - Developing a FAU - The MEHT QI journey
Dr Qasim Shah, Frailty Lead, The Princess Alexandra Hospitals NHS Trust - 'Its not just the patients who have grey hair!'
Breakout (C) pm - Frailty Identification - Please click on the link below
Charlotte Bates, ED Consultant, Northumbria Healthcare Trust - Stealth Trauma in the North
Ian Tyrell, Advanced Physiotherapist, University Hospital of North Midlands - Fighting Frailty at the Front Door
Stephanie Clark, Trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Lesley Gaw, Matron Acute Services, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust - Identification of a Frail Patient on the Acute Medical Unit